Simple and Free Illustrator Tutorials

Hey everyone!

Taking a teeny break from the usual beauty post, I thought I would share a few simple Adobe Illustrator Tutorials I’ve thrown together to keep myself busy over the past few days. I have taken a few courses in college about Adobe Creative Suite, and Illustrator is by far my favorite/most used program.

Retro Fox

First up is this adorable and super simple fox! I love the fact that it’s retro and the directions are very easy to follow. Check out the link HERE!

Little Red Riding Hood

Next up is this cute Little Red Riding Hood design! Like the fox, this is a quick and easy tutorial you can complete in a short amount of time. I think this would be perfect for children’s birthday party invitations! Check out the tutorial HERE! *You can also turn the fox in the previous tutorial into the Big Bad Wolf by changing the coloring to grey and adding a stripe down the center of his snout!

Simple Owl

This guy is actually something I whipped up myself from just looking at another image (there is a tutorial, but I’m having trouble viewing it at the moment). After you’ve completed one of the other tutorials, you can easily tackle this owl with no problems! I just played around with some texture options to kind of give it that look that fuzzy look that felt has. The picture I used can be found HERE!

SugarSkull 2

This Calavera Girl tutorial is quite a bit harder than the others, but it gives you a good amount of practice with gradients and other useful tools. I wanted mine to be a little more simplistic than the sample picture, which leads me to an important rule regarding these tutorials: create what YOU want! Tutorials are there to guide you along, but if you want to do something different go for it! One of my favorite parts is scrolling down to the comment section and seeing how other people tweaked their images! For this particular tutorial, click HERE!

As you can see, I use the site tuts+ a whole lot. I really like some of the projects they have and the directions are much easier to follow than other sites I’ve been to. You can pay $15 a month for a more premium service, or you can play around with the free tutorials like I do! And just so we’re all clear, I’m not sponsored by this website – Just thought it was pretty cool and wanted to spread the word 🙂

DermaBlend and Viral Marketing Campaigns

I’ve been a bad bad blogger, and for that I am sorry. Excuses are bad and I try not to have too many of them, but April was a mess from school and two weeks ago I graduated from college (yaaaaay!). So here I am, unemployed (booo…) with a ton of time on my hands while waiting to hear back from various job opportunities. So in an effort to be productive, I’m getting back into this writing thing! I have bought a bunch of makeup and beauty products that I will review, but for now I figured I’d switch things up a little.

Dermablend is a cosmetics company that specializes in foundations, powders, and concealers for many skin tones. The company may sound a little rudimentary since other cosmetic items like lipsticks and eye shadows are not offered, but don’t underestimate the power of a solid foundation. About a month ago I saw a YouTube video for Dermablend, and figured it would be a paid sponsorship type deal video with a vlogger where they yap on and on about how wonderful this product is. What I saw was much different and 100% more effective.

This advertisement is genius for a few reasons:

1) the product is front and center

2) this person is an actual customer(as far as I can tell)

3) it solves problems that people face(other ads show a man covered with tattoos)

4) it invites potential consumers to participate and interact with the featured models

5) it shows a demonstration of the product and how it is used

In all honesty, I ran out to my local Ulta and grabbed one of the foundations a week after seeing this commercial. If this foundation can cover that model’s imperfections, it sure as hell can cover my sunspots! This advertisement is an excellent example of why social media and viral video campaigns are so important. Although it might be tough to gain a substantial amount of followers at first, social media campaigns are extremely cheap and reach a very wide audience. Offering freebies or deals through “re-tweets” and “likes” are considerably cheaper than radio or television ads, and make a lot more sense since just about everyone has a smartphone now. Viral YouTube videos are important for similar reasons, but they offer a little more wiggle room. For example, I check YouTube every single day to check in with my favorite beauty vloggers. The “recommended” section of the YouTube homepage shows me videos that might grab my interest, one of which was this video. Now the target audience is specifically singled out and organizations have more time to explain and show the product. However, a major drawback is holding the audience’s interest since people have a short attention span that covers only a few seconds.

All in all I think this advertisement did an excellent job of tugging at my heartstrings and persuading me to purchase a pretty great product.