Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette


I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Charlotte Tilbury’s products. The beautiful packaging and down-right mesmerizing videos she posts on her Instagram suck me in every time. Whenever Charlotte launches a new product, I tell myself that I don’t need it, but I always have that little voice in the back of my head saying “Go ahead, treat yourself”. That little voice can be pretty pushy sometimes.


The Instant Eye Palette is a new and limited edition shadow palette that consists of 12 brand new eye shadows, and they are categorized into 4 different looks. Of course you can mix and match the shadows, which is exactly what I do when I’m creating a look. I find that the shadow formula in this palette is a bit different from the typical quads from Charlotte Tilbury. The shadows swatch horribly, but once applied to the eye they really do blend very well. The matte shadows are packed pretty tightly and I don’t notice much fallout upon application. The shimmer shades are very beautiful, however I would definitely apply them with your fingers or a flat synthetic brush. I tried using my Sigma E55 brush and noticed I only got a very sheer wash of color. There are also two “glittery” shades in the Date Eye and Disco Eye section of the palette. I found the glitter in both shades to be very refined and wearable. I do appreciate that there is a selection of both cool and warm toned shades represented, since almost every palette that has been released in the past 3 years has been warm. I love warm shadows, but I really appreciate having a mix of everything.


All in all this is a very nice and cohesive palette, however would I purchase it again?


Probably not. I was expecting the some of the shades to have more of a “wow factor”, however every look I have created turned out to be quite subtle. This is great for day to day wear and I will still get use out of this product, however I felt myself wanting something a little more. I realized that this was a neutral palette when I purchased it, however after wearing it for a few months I don’t find that the product itself truly justifies the price. I guess that was to be expected when a single shadow from the same brand will set you back $27.


Have you tried this palette out? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!