Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint


When it comes to liquid lipsticks, I’m not a huge fan. I have never felt like they were very flattering on me, and they made my lips feel like sandpaper. I received a sample or two from online orders and beauty subscriptions, and I decided this trend simply was not for me.


That is, until I encountered the Fenty Beauty Stunna Liquid Lipstick in Uncensored.


I was bored and browsing the Sephora website one night when I spotted this little gem. I saw that it was a new addition and already had a slew of positive reviews, so I clicked on it out of curiosity. The online description said it was a universally flattering red in a soft matte formula, so naturally I added it to my cart. “I have at least 17 lipsticks that are the exact same color, or at least close enough to where I really don’t need to spend $24 on this”, I told myself. While this is a 100% accurate statement, I still bought it.


This is hands down one of the best beauty purchases I have made in a while, and it is absolutely worth the $24 price tag. The formula is thin but not watery, and it is incredibly opaque with a single swipe. The doe foot applicator is really odd, but it hugs every curve of my lip making application a breeze (and I have very shaky hands). The applicator picks up a ton of product, that you can easily cover both lips completely without having to dip back in. I have only worn this a handful of times, but every time I wear it I experience a comfortable, even, and feather-proof wear. Typically all red lipsticks feather on me, regardless of whether I wear a lip liner underneath. While it’s not a completely transfer-proof formula, I have eaten a donut (a Stan’s glazed to be exact) and a breakfast wrap without ANY smearing or fading.



Usually I don’t post pictures of myself on here because I’m somewhat private, but I thought that seeing the product applied might be helpful. The lighting isn’t the best, but I also didn’t want to apply any filters so you could truly see what the color looked like. I swear, this lipstick makes my teeth look incredibly white!


The last point that I want to make is that this formula doesn’t ravage my lips after I remove it. Even with MAC or YSL matte lipsticks, I have to wear a thick lip balm for a few days after. to repair the damage from my lips being so dried out. I have been able to wear this multiple days in a row and my lips are still intact without major flaking or discomfort. The only advice I would give is to exfoliate your lips before applying if you do happen to have any flaking; it doesn’t look absolutely awful, however you will still be able to see any dry patches.


Hopefully this review has been helpful! This is my first purchase from this line, and I must say I am very impressed. I try to not give into the hype of celebrity lines since they can be major let-downs, however I think Rihanna truly put some thought and care into her products.