An Ode to Glossier


If there’s one brand that speaks to millennials right now, it’s Glossier. Their “Skin First, Makeup Second” mantra caters to the young twenty-something crowd, who are way too busy going to school or work to spend 30+ minutes on a full face of makeup. And you know what? It has me hooked too!

I have only tried a few products from Glossier, but I can already tell that I like how the products perform and how convenient they are. So far, I have tested out: the Cloud Paint in both Puff and Beam, The Balm Dotcom in Coconut, and the Super Pure Serum.

Cloud Paint

This has been my favorite purchase from this brand so far, which is a big surprise to me. I hate cream blushes with a passion. Why? They fade, they’re patchy, and they’re so sticky. Somehow Glossier really hit the nail on the head with these little guys, because the formula is so incredibly dreamy. Both colors are gorgeous; Puff being a bright baby pink and Beam being a soft pinky-peach color. I love that you only need a teeny tiny amount for both cheeks, which will make each tube of product go a long way. My preferred method is to dot the product on my cheeks, and then go in with a flat stippling or kabuki brush to blend everything out. I love that I can get a light flush of color or layer for higher coverage without getting blotchy, which can happen with other cream blushes.

Balm Dotcom

I LOVE this stuff! First off, the coconut scent is amazing; It smells like actual coconuts rather than a cheap sunscreen like other lip balms. It also does a really amazing job with moisturizing my lips without being too thick. I sadly lost mine when I had half of a tube left, but I am definitely ordering another one in the very near future.

Super Pure

So a quick back story: Last September I bought a Clarisonic and it completely ravaged my skin. My skin is pretty normal with only a few break outs here and there, but I have never had such bad reaction to anything in my life. Some reviews I read warned of a purge period during the first few weeks of use, but this was something else. For months I tried all sorts of treatments and pimple related products, but nothing really seemed to help the acne that had formed. I tried this on a whim since it’s reasonably priced and the modern packaging was right up my alley. I wouldn’t say it completely cured my skin issues, but it definitely helped calm things down a bit. I can’t use it all over my face because my skin is so dry, however when I see a new little pimple pop up I go after it with a few dots of this serum. I’m tempted to also get Super Glow as well since my skin is so lackluster now.


Have you tried anything from Glossier? Has there been anything from the brand that you loved or something you just didn’t click with? Let me know in the comments!