LORAC Mega Pro 3


PSA – I bought a new camera and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to remove the dumb date stamp in my pictures. Once I figure it out, I’ll swap the pictures.


Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls – the new Lorac Mega Pro 3 has finally hit the shelves! Is is worth the $59? In short, yes – yes it is!



First off, the packaging is very reminiscent of the first two Mega Pro Palettes – except this is so much easier to get dirty. Regardless, the palette itself is gorgeous with a creamy white base and metallic rose-gold lettering. I took this out of town with me over the weekend and I felt SO fancy pulling this bad boy out when I was getting ready.

I think that the formulation of the shadows (both matte and shimmer) are on par with the first two Pro palettes, in the fact that they are creamy, bendable and pigmented. There is fallout per usual, but it’s nothing ridiculous. The shade range this time around is a lot more universal in my opinion. I picked up the Mega Pro 2 last year and honestly, I have used it once. I find the shades in that one to be too light and dark (if that makes any kind of sense). I didn’t find there to be many mid-tone shades to throw on the lid, most of the shades were brow bone highlights or accent shades for me. Also, I initially appreciated the fact that the Mega Pro 2 included some unconventional colors, however after the first use I felt myself shying away from that palette. I don’t wear Lavender purples and bright oranges on a daily basis, so as an everyday woman I felt that the Mega Pro 2 wasn’t very versatile.

The Mega Pro 3 has an unbelievable amount of brown/bronze shades, so if you have 1 or more neutral palettes than I doubt this will be something you need. I have enough neutral shadows to provide a bronze smokey eye for every woman in North America, so this was not a necessity for me. But have I gotten use out of this for the past week or so? You betcha!


I swatched a majority of the shades, and I haven’t found a true dud yet. I find that the shimmers are exactly that – shimmers. No chunky glitter in ANY of the shimmers, which is a major plus for me. A few colors like Cider and Rose Quartz come off a little more metallic, but they’re not too over the top. Also, there are a few muted pops of color (Pomegranate being the loudest color of the palette) that keep things from being too boring, which I appreciate. All in all, I feel like Lorac produced a well made and well thought out product that actually got me excited to wear eyeshadow again.


At the time of this post, you can find the Lorac Mega Pro 3 at Ulta stores and at Ulta.com for $59.