Charlotte Tilbury: Brand Spotlight

There are few things in life that tug at my heartstrings like a well packaged product, and Charlotte Tilbury is one of the masters of product packaging when it comes to makeup.

I have a weird obsession with font and colors, and I adore how Charlotte Tilbury products ooze  1920s glamour. Aside from the packaging, Charlotte Tilbury products are now some of the most prestigious and coveted makeup items on the market. For a few products I can see why, and others I’m not so sure about – let’s take a look at the little collection I’ve accumulated over the past year!


For starters, I only own eye products from the Charlotte Tilbury range; Mostly because they are my favorite makeup items but also because they are the most raved about items from the whole collection. Aside from the Filmstar Bronze and Glow (which I think about purchasing to this day) and the lipsticks, I find that most people and bloggers rave about the eye shadow quads. They are just so aesthetically pleasing with the deep brown and gold inside. I’m usually tempted to use these quads just to feel fancy, and at $52 USD a pop they damn well better make me feel all giddy when I use them!

The first ever product I got was the Uptown Girl Palette for Christmas last year, and boy was I smitten. The purple/blue/grey shades are unlike anything I own and they are so soft to the touch. Sadly, they turned out to be a bit powdery and honestly I don’t find that they last long on my eye lids since they tend to blend away to nothing. Would I purchase this again with my own money? No, but I also do not regret having this in the least bit.

About a month ago I purchased the Smokey Bedroom Eyes Set, which included the Fallen Angel Luxury Palette and a Rock N Khol liner for $65 USD. I’ll get to the eyeliner in a second, but the real star of this set (and basically this whole post) is the Fallen Angel Palette. Based on the performance of the Uptown Girl palette, I was a bit hesitant to buy this set but naturally I crumbled when I saw how gorgeous these shades looked swatched on other blogs. This is now one of my all time favorite shadow palettes, it’s that good.

The highlight shade (top left of the quad) is perfect since it’s not too shiny and doesn’t lean to warm or cool. The taupe (top right of the quad) and the satin black (bottom right of the quad) are equally as stunning, and I love that you can create a sultry look from using just those two shades. The bronze (bottom left) is one of the most stunning bronzes I have ever seen or used. The formula of this palette is drastically different from the usual quads, in that the shadows are a little stiffer and they seem to adhere to my eye lids much better. Each shade has a gorgeous sheen to it, which makes this a very safe palette for more mature eyes since there is no chunky glitter or extreme frost.

Left to right: Uptown Girl Palette, Rock N Khol liner, On the Prowl shadow, Fallen Angel Luxury palette, Mona Lisa Cream shadow, Supernova eyeliner

Around October I purchased the Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotize set in On The Prowl and Supernova for $39 USD. What I find interesting about Charlotte Tilbury shadows is that they all have different formulas. The single shadow in this set was very stiff and is much thinner/less opaque than the quads, however it is still a lovely product. I feel like this is an excellent shade to use to smoke up a look, but personally I find it hard to wear all over the lid. I think the glitters in the shade make it tough to use on its own, but as an outer corner shade it really brings a smokey look together.

Next up is the Eyes to Mesmerize cream shadow in Mona Lisa for $32 USD. When you swatch this is, it really out of this world. I mean it is so silky, pigmented, and really stunning. But unfortunately, when I try applying this it always ends up patchy and ultimately creases on me. I’ve tried everything with this stuff – flat brushes, fluffy brushes, and my fingers but nothing gives me an even application! If anyone has a good way of getting this on my lids, please please please let me know because I almost always end up with patches when I use this product.

I only have 2 eyeliners from Charlotte Tilbury, and both of them are from sets – don’t let this fool you though because they’re two of the best eyeliners I own. The black Rock N Khol liner from the Smokey Bedroom Eyes set is the smoothest, creamiest, darkest black liner I have ever used. It beats Urban Decay’s Perversion liner by a long shot, and that’s really saying something. The other liner is a little mini one from the Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotize, and it is a dark purple with little purple glitters running through it. I wear contacts and have super sensitive eyes, so the glitter part made me very wary but this liner isn’t scratchy or uncomfortable at all. I love this liner when I’m feeling something a little different from a black liner, but nothing too in your face.

My top recommendation would be the Smokey Bedroom Eyes Set, since you get a stunning and versatile quad with a really great liner to go along with it. What are your Charlotte Tilbury favorites?


6 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury: Brand Spotlight

  1. janandjot says:

    That’s a shame about some of the misses, I have the Dolce Vita quad which I absolutely love and the Mona Lisa cream shadow which strangely enough applies evenly but if I just wear it alone it will definitely crease. I typically just use eye primer and her Airbrush Flawless Finish to get the even look. Her filmstar is still a favorite and of course her matte lipsticks are like heaven 😍 I am sad to say with my super oily eyelids her eyeliner doesn’t work for me because it smears everywhere after a couple of hours but I blame that on my own skin since everyone else loves her liners. Her Pillowtalk lip liner is the best and I use it almost everyday for every shade lol. I also love her Magic Cream and have her night cream and eye cream on my wish list. Her Light Wonder foundation is my favorite and I am very happy I used up a ton of foundations that I am now left with hers so I can happily use it everyday and hope to test out her new Magic Foundation soon. Her mascara I love but I wouldn’t purchase unless it came with a set because high end mascaras are always too expensive but love receiving them in sets or gifts. I love her blushes too! I have her cream one from the summer collection and Sex on Fire which is beautiful on and applies very nicely 💕 She is definitely my favorite brand but there are misses for me like both of her masks-the clay mask is too harsh on my skin even for once a week or every other week I break out and her other mask smells delicious and makes my skin soft but only for a day

    • Colleen says:

      I’m so glad I have blogger friends like you to steer me in the right direction!! I have hear SO many good things about the Dolce Vita Palette, so maybe the Uptown Girl was a dud? I always see her foundation in your Instagram posts, I am so curious to try it!! I think the Nordstrom by me is getting her full line in stores next month, so I’m going to see if I can test it out first before buying. The cream shadow has to be from my eyelids because I swear I’ll put it on and almost always get this big patch on my right eyelid!

      • janandjot says:

        Oh nice! I love scheduling makeovers at Nordstrom downtown whenever I’m in town because it’s always fun to play with everything and I love that they start off with a mask to clean your face and give you the full treatment afterwards. I never leave empty handed because I always fall in love with her stuff. I fully intend to schedule another makeover and restock on her concealer and buy another blush or lip product. I have heard the Uptown Girl is slightly powdery and some of her other ones but her Dolce Vita is definitely heaven lol

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