Perfect Fall Eye Shadows


For the second installment of my Fall faves, I’m talking about one of my favorite things ever: eye shadow! Fall eyes to me is all about cool taupes, rusty bronzes, glimmering golds and a little bit of purple if you’re a bit daring .


The original Lorac Pro pallet is the epitome of Fall shadows – Taupe? You got it. Browns? It’s got 3 of ’em. A stunning gold and garnet? Pfft. The color selection of this palette looks like leaves after they’ve turned colors! Honestly, this is the only palette you could ever need for Fall and Winter since it has everything. It’s just the best!

The Lorac Pro 2 isn’t one of my favorites, but I definitely think the bronze and purple-y colors are beautiful when the weather gets chilly. The lighter neutrals are great for a wash of color with a bold lip, and obviously you can smoke things up to focus on your eyes!

Up next is my adorable little Chanel quad (oh you fancy, huh?) in Tisse Rivoli. At first I had no freaking clue on how to use this thing, and the wonderful Jacqueline (seriously one of the nicest people in blogging) from A Vibrant Day recommended that I use my fingers to apply these babies and I haven’t looked back since! I love this thing in the Fall – I feel like these colors are perfect year round since they’re really neutral, but I feel myself planning more looks with these shades now that the weather is finally cooling down a bit.

Finally, the one wash wonder/base that I’m crazy about: the Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop crayon in Au Revoir. A really cool toned taupey-brown that is remarkable under every shade ever or on it’s own. I find that my shadows stick to it really well and it’s so easy to blend out. *Side note: these have a cooling effect that feels so good in the morning!


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