Brand Spotlight: Hourglass Cosmetics


Hourglass Cosmetics is hands down my favorite brand when it comes to powder products. It seems like everything they make just perfects my complexion, even if I have 5 news zits popping up and I’m hungover from the night before.

The reason why I’m writing a post specifically on this brand is because when I first read about the Ambient Lighting Palette I kind of brushed it off as a waste of money. I never thought that a powder would make or break your look, and I kind of figured people just gave into the craze. I would swatch it at Sephora and wonder what the big deal was, they were all just shimmery powders and one of them was orange for God’s sake!

One random day I just walked in and bought it, because I was in the mood to buy something and I guess I couldn’t find anything else I was really curious about. And then it happened.


I saw the light, the heavens above opened up to me, or whatever you want to call it; I was hooked. Every single time I used Dim Light to set my foundation I was shocked at how flawless my skin looked! It didn’t look caked up, dull, or fake, just beautiful. I have a Chanel Les Beige powder that I’ve been working through and I love it, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Dim Light. Even the Hourglass packaging has a weight and design that oozes luxury! Their products are expensive, but I never feel like it’s going to waste because it delivers everything I want.


Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Mood Light, Dim Infusion Blush, Dim Light, Radiant Light, Ambient Lighting Palette, Incandescent Electra Blush

I ran through the Dim Light and Radiant Light shades so quickly in that palette, and it genuinely bummed me out because I had to scrounge around my collection for other powders that just weren’t on the same level. I purchased full sized versions of both shades, and added Mood Light to my collection.

Last week I purchased one of their Ambient Blushes in the shade Dim Infusion, and I am absolutely kicking myself for not buying the Ambient Blushing Palette when I had the chance! Dim Infusion is the most perfect peach color that just melts into your skin without being glittery. I really don’t know how they did it, because there’s no way to over-do it with this blush. It looks so natural and brilliant on my skin, tanned or not (this can be a big factor for me!). Today I marched right into Sephora and picked up another blush in the shade Incandescent Electra. Looking at it in the pan and swatching it made me so excited, so it had to come home with me. Random, but I’ve been careful to make sure I put a “control” swatch of NARS Orgasm on my arm when I’m looking at blushes to make sure I’m not just buying another duplicate; I’ve been noticing that a lot of my blushes look the same, so I’m trying to be smarter about spending money on crap I already have (HAHAHA, if I really followed this rule I wouldn’t have 85 bronze eye shadows…).

All in all, if you’re wavering back and forth on whether you want to give into the Hourglass hype I say at least try it. Have one of the Sephora associates help you out and try on one of the powders or blushes for the day and check yourself out in different lighting throughout the day. Or if you have an obsessive friend like me, ask to borrow one of the powders one day! I’ve had friends ask to try my makeup, and as long as it isn’t mascara or eyeliner (GERMS) I’m happy to share the love!