Sephora VIB Rouge Beauty Before Brunch Event

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Today I attended my very first VIB Rouge event! I spend an astonishing amount of money on makeup, and apparently this means that I get to attend special events every once in a while. Normally I skip the VIB Rouge events, but I finally decided to go and see what goes on – GREAT decision.

The event was held at every Sephora store in the US, and was from 9 am til 11 am. Basically VIB Rouges got their 15% discount early and there was a cute bag with a ton of samples up for grabs. I was excited to go early and get around the usual crowd – my store is always jam packed on a weekend. Surprisingly though, it was really crowded and even I got there around 9:30! There were all kinds of services you could get too, for example you could get contouring lessons, hair lessons (beach waves to up-dos), or skin care lessons. I was more focused on grabbing products and getting the sample bag so I skipped the free services, but next time I definitely plan on getting my hair or makeup done.


Stuff I bought

If there’s one thing I love, it’s free stuff; whether it’s a t-shirt, water bottle, or whatever I’m all in. And very conveniently, a Laura Mercier representative was there and told me that a special edition full size Caviar Stick was free with any LM foundation purchase! I was planning on getting a new foundation anyway, and I’ve read some fantastic reviews on the Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide so I grabbed it. The Caviar Sticks I got in a holiday set are so incredible and retail for $28 a pop, so the freebie was very much appreciated! It’s a very nice golden pearl color that is great all over the lid and even as a cheek highlight.

I’m in desperate need of a new cleanser and my favorite beauty bloggers Amelia Liana, Vivianna, and Lily always talk about how wonderful Clarins is as a brand, so I picked up their Gentle Foaming Cleanser. Also, I’ve hit major pan on my Ambient Lighting Palette in the Radiant Light shade so I picked up a full size of that. It’s probably my holy grail bronzer, it gives me the absolute perfect glow and I feel so pretty when I wear it! Definitely give it a swatch if you haven’t yet! I also grabbed the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream and a little Sephora brand eye makeup remover. Finally, my store was out of the Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Duo in Color 2 so I went online and snagged that afterwards. It’s so gold and I…well, I honestly think I just bought it out of excitement from the event this morning but I’m still excited to try it anyway haha!



Ohhh the samples we got! I didn’t have a chance to talk to all of the brand representatives at the store, but I have a feeling I would’ve gotten a mountain of free stuff if I did. At least I know what to do next time! I got a lot of foil packets, but surprisingly I got a full sized Formula X nail polish in Ignition – a rich purple.

The one teeny negative about this event was the lack of sales associates to help you out. The reason why it’s only a minor negative to me is because my store was so crazy, that there’s no way I could necessarily fault the associates for being busy since they had to help so many people. I had to wait like 20 minutes for the Laura Mercier associate to help me, but truth be told I would’ve waited a lot longer for that free Caviar Stick! Other than that, bring a friend or family member with if you ever go to an event – it would be a really cool bonding experience to get makeovers and shop with someone!

Chanel Eye Shadow, Blush, and Powder Review


First things first: I’m sorry for being so MIA lately! I accepted an offer for a new job and I wanted to really make sure I wrapped up all of my projects at my old job before leaving. The past two weeks have been insane, but luckily I have given myself a teeny little break before I start my new position 🙂

As a little reward to myself, I bought a couple of Chanel goodies! I purchased a blush, powder, and eye shadow quad – clearly my shadow obsession has not died down in the least. Let me tell you, when you order something from Chanel they go all out with the packaging. The box everything came in? Sitting on my desk right now. It’s so pretty!


Even the tissue paper they use makes me feel fancy! If you’re thinking about buying a thing or two from Chanel I highly suggest doing so on their website, especially since shipping is free when you spend $50 (not that hard when their blushes are $43 a pop) and you get two free samples.


I picked up the Les 4 Ombres in Tisse Rivoli, and it is absolutely stunning in the pan. It even looks glamorous and chic despite my grubby applicators! However, performance wise this was a bit of a disappointment. The colors are exactly what I would go for and the texture is so dreamy, but they just don’t adhere to my lids very well and fade easily. The only way I can get them to stick around is by using a primer AND a Laura Mercier Caviar Stick – which is like straight cement on my eyelid. I’ve also noticed that using the sponge applicators is the best way to get decent color payoff. If I’m using these incorrectly someone help me, I want to love this!


Next up is a Joue Contraste blush in Emotion. I was torn between this and Angelique, but I have a few pinky blushes like Angelique so I decided to try something new. I adore this color! It’s like a mix between a mauve, plum, and deep pink. It’s something I’ll wear year-round, but I can see this being perfect for Fall and Winter. Application can be slightly patchy if you’re oily, but it’s nothing a good brush can’t handle.



Oooh yeah, my favorite product! This is the Les Beige Healthy Glow Sheer Color in No. 30. I kept going back and forth between number 20 and 30, but ultimately grabbed the darker color because I figured if it was too dark I could use it as a bronzer. Luckily it worked out and this is my newest setting powder! The word “sheer” definitely fits this product because it doesn’t leave you with a ton of color, but it does give a little something extra. I can see a teeny bit of sparkle or sheen in the pan, but it definitely doesn’t translate on the skin. It’s just a solid product that brings your whole look together – and it looks uber fancy!

All in all I don’t regret splurging, even if I wasn’t over the moon about everything I got. I’m still going to work with that eye shadow palette because the colors are just so stunning! I’m very appreciative and fortunate to have a new position to look forward to, and I will be better about posting! I currently have a new haul in the works so be on the lookout for that! It’ll include my first personal MAC palette, a new fragrance, and other goodies!