Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray


So this weekend I celebrated St. Patrick’s day and a very dear friend’s birthday in downtown Chicago, meaning I wanted my face to look presentable all day. Nothing kills your mood than going into a bar bathroom a few hours after putting so much effort into your makeup and feeling like a Michael Jackson “Thriller” extra is staring back at you, because your makeup is: a) smudged b) faded or c) literally melting off of your face.

In a last minute panic, I stormed into Ulta and snatched up the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray hoping that this would provide some sort of comfort. In all honesty, I went in with intentions to get the new L’Oreal setting spray, but in all honesty the UD version was only a little more expensive.

So does it actually work, or did I basically spend $30 on water? VERY happily, this stuff lives up to the hype! I’ll admit, I was really skeptical because my face tends to eat makeup (I’ll put foundation on and 20 minutes later I’m barefaced) so I usually just deal with it and hope that the bars we end up in are poorly lit.

The bottle claims that your makeup will last for 16 hours, which is a pretty hefty but realistic claim. I want to look nice when I’m out from 11 am til the wee hours of the morning, and honestly with this stuff my blush didn’t even fade.

Will I use this every day or even every weekend? No. But when I’m out of town or going somewhere for an extended period of time I’m definitely breaking this guy out. I do wish my Ulta had a travel sized version, but I’m still glad I tried this.


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