Lancome Blush Subtil Palette


Blush is something I can take or leave. I love it, but I cannot bring myself to pay an arm and a leg for it. However, when something comes in palette form I suddenly feel the urge to throw my money at it without question.


Enter the Lancome Blush Subtil Palette in Rose Flush: This beauty comes with a contour shade, blush, and highlighter all for $43 USD. Yeah, it’s a hefty price but the quality is definitely there. The contour shade isn’t too dark and has a solid mix of cool and warm tones, which I really appreciate. I like my contours to look realistic, but this specific color also brings a little much needed warmth to my face. The blush is the star of this palette with the perfect balance of sheen and color, so you have a perfect color without looking like a grease-ball. It is my absolute favorite blush by a land-slide! The highlight shade is a naturalistic pinky-pearl color great for everyday use. I don’t think the highlighter is anything to write home about in my opinion, but if you think the sheen in the blush is intense this pairs perfectly.

I’m strongly considering purchasing more of the blushes since I think they’ll be perfect for the warmer weather (if it ever comes). It just gives me that glow I haven’t found from any other product!

What are your blush recommendations?


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