The Best Wax Melts EVER


Confession: I’ve been completely sucked into the wax melter hype. I have at least 10 Yankee Candle melts in Fluffy Towels on hand because they decided to discontinue my favorite scent. Every time they have their semi-annual sale I pick up the leftover ones no one else wants. No worries, I’ll definitely put them to work and give them a good home!

However when I don’t want my room to smell like clean towels (which isn’t often), I opt for the much cheaper Better Homes and Gardens wax cubes in Candied Caramel Apple. For $1.50 from Walmart my room smells just like those caramel apple lollipops that feel like they’ll rip your teeth out if you try to bite into them! IT SMELLS SO GOOD! I really like the variety of scents Yankee Candle has, but in terms of scent power and throw the cheap Walmart thrill definitely has them beat. Obviously the Candied Caramel Apple scent is really sweet but there are slight tart and crisp notes thrown in there, assumingly from the apples.

I highly recommend the wax melts from Walmart, they’re really good! Fair warning though: smelling this for longer than 10 minutes will make you super hungry.


9 thoughts on “The Best Wax Melts EVER

  1. Shopper Lottie says:

    Hi Colleen, I love your writing! This post made me giggle. What a great idea to put wax melts between towels for fragrance, I never thought of that! Lottie xx

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