The Concealer Game Changer


Fun Story: A few weeks back I went to a Sephora and there were representatives from Boscia there. I was super excited since Boscia is one of my favorite skin care companies, and they were giving out travel size samples of a face wash with a consultation. Paying really close attention to things is not one of my strong points, and somehow I was roped into having my entire face washed with a communal sponge(the germs, ahh!!). The represenative was so nice, so I didn’t want to offend her or make things awkward! So I sat there as she grabbed some goofy looking sponge soaking in a big bowl of water and washed all of my makeup off.

Now, I’m not someone who refuses to go out in public without makeup on; if I’m going to CVS or a close friend’s then screw it, I don’t care. But I actually had plans later that day, so I couldn’t run around bare faced! I have very dark and sunken in undereye circles, and I really needed something to cover them with. So I power-walked over to MAC and asked a sales associate there to just slap some concealer on me. I was matched to NW-20 in the Pro Longwear range, and *poof* I was back to normal!

I’m not a big MAC fan by any means; I think they have a few good products but I’ve never tried anything truly revolutionary from there. This concealer though, is an exception. It’s liquidy so it’s light-weight, but it’s so opaque! I’ve never had an issue with creasing either – I do always set my face with powder though. I’ve tried all kinds of concealers and correcters from the drugstore all the way up to Bobbi Brown. I kind of just accepted the fact that everything was either going to crease or be too see-through. This still doesn’t 100% cover for me, but I’m an extreme case; I imagine for you regular people that this would be perfect for those mornings where your eyes need a little pick-me-up. I am SO happy that I gave this a shot – it’s truly wonderful!


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