Simple and Free Illustrator Tutorials

Hey everyone!

Taking a teeny break from the usual beauty post, I thought I would share a few simple Adobe Illustrator Tutorials I’ve thrown together to keep myself busy over the past few days. I have taken a few courses in college about Adobe Creative Suite, and Illustrator is by far my favorite/most used program.

Retro Fox

First up is this adorable and super simple fox! I love the fact that it’s retro and the directions are very easy to follow. Check out the link HERE!

Little Red Riding Hood

Next up is this cute Little Red Riding Hood design! Like the fox, this is a quick and easy tutorial you can complete in a short amount of time. I think this would be perfect for children’s birthday party invitations! Check out the tutorial HERE! *You can also turn the fox in the previous tutorial into the Big Bad Wolf by changing the coloring to grey and adding a stripe down the center of his snout!

Simple Owl

This guy is actually something I whipped up myself from just looking at another image (there is a tutorial, but I’m having trouble viewing it at the moment). After you’ve completed one of the other tutorials, you can easily tackle this owl with no problems! I just played around with some texture options to kind of give it that look that fuzzy look that felt has. The picture I used can be found HERE!

SugarSkull 2

This Calavera Girl tutorial is quite a bit harder than the others, but it gives you a good amount of practice with gradients and other useful tools. I wanted mine to be a little more simplistic than the sample picture, which leads me to an important rule regarding these tutorials: create what YOU want! Tutorials are there to guide you along, but if you want to do something different go for it! One of my favorite parts is scrolling down to the comment section and seeing how other people tweaked their images! For this particular tutorial, click HERE!

As you can see, I use the site tuts+ a whole lot. I really like some of the projects they have and the directions are much easier to follow than other sites I’ve been to. You can pay $15 a month for a more premium service, or you can play around with the free tutorials like I do! And just so we’re all clear, I’m not sponsored by this website – Just thought it was pretty cool and wanted to spread the word ūüôā

Fancy Fragrance Favorites


Over the past few months, I’ve become a fragrance hoarder. I’ve always¬†loved¬†things that smell nice, but being on a student budget means the high priced stuff stays on the Sephora shelves for a little bit longer. Victoria’s Secret fragrances from the Semi-Annual sales were my go-to, and truth be told their Bombshell scent is still an every day spritz for me.

But now since I’m working, I can treat myself once in a while (or all the time because what self-control?). So far I’ve purchased 5 new additions and they’re all pretty different from one another:

Gucci Flora: My first true luxury purchase! This has become my all-time favorite scent; it’s sweet, sexy, and young without being over powering. The notes lean towards more of a sweet smelling flower, and include¬†Citrus Accord, Peony, Rose, Osmanthus Flower, Pink Pepper, Sandalwood. I started out with a 1 fl oz bottle and I’m about half-way through, so the second I run out of this I’m grabbing the bug guy. This scent reminds me of fall-time for some reason; it could be since that was the time of year that I bought it, or that the slight warmth that it has makes me think of cozy nights in with friends. It just smells incredible!

Thierry Mugler Alien:¬†I actually picked this scent from one of the fragrance samplers Sephora put out around Christmas-time. The set was $60, and came with a million little testers with a wide range of scents and a coupon for a full sized bottle was also included. A 1 oz refillable bottle costs $80, so in reality I saved $20 on this – yay! This is going to sound so stupid, but this smells like purple –¬†told you it sounded dumb!¬†I’m not one for deep scents (Patchouli gives me the worst headaches), so this simple yet sweet and mysterious scent is perfect for night time fun. The notes include¬†Solar Accord, Jasmine Sambac, Green Notes, Cashmeran, Vanilla, Transparent Amber. I have no idea what the hell “solar accord” is, but it apparently smells amazing.

Chloe¬†See by Chloe: A recent purchase for Spring! Sweet, crisp, and floral; everything that embodies that first taste of sunny 60 degree weather after a¬†long winter. Mentally, I’m over winter so this might have been a desperate grab at that above freezing feeling. The notes included are¬†Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Musk. Again, this might sound stupid but this scent makes me think of a young woman working in New York City. It just has that air of glamour and confidence in it!

Dolce and Gabbana¬†Light Blue: THE summer fragrance in my opinion! I still remember the exact day that I first smelled this in an Ulta junior year of high school, and ever since I’ve been on a quest to own it. It’s perfectly refreshing with gorgeous citrus and clean linen scents flowing through it. OMG I just cannot even begin to tell you guys how decadent this smells! The notes include Sicilian Citron, Bluebell, Granny Smith Apple, Jasmine Sambac, Bamboo, White Rose, Cedarwood, Amber, Musk. It makes me want to fly to Italy or Greece and hangout on the beach, maybe with a really hot guy there to feed me grapes too.

Tocca¬†Stella: The newest (and most affordable) option I have picked up! At first it smacks me in the face with an orange scent, but then it fades into a lovely floral scent. Another excellent option for Spring, and at $34 for a small-ish bottle that will last you quite some time! The notes include¬†Bitter Orange, Blood Orange, Watery Accord, White Freesia, Wild Diamond Orchids, Spicy Lily, Sheer Musk, Sandalwood. Another scent that reminds me of Italy –¬†I think the below zero temps are slowly crushing my soul…

What are your favorite fragrances? I’m always open to new suggestions!

The Concealer Game Changer


Fun Story: A few weeks back I went to a Sephora and there were representatives from Boscia there. I was¬†super¬†excited since Boscia is one of my favorite skin care companies, and they were giving out travel size samples of a face wash with a consultation. Paying really close attention to things is not one of my strong points, and somehow I was roped into having my entire face washed with a communal sponge(the germs, ahh!!). The represenative was so nice, so I didn’t want to offend her or make things awkward! So I sat there as she grabbed some goofy looking sponge soaking in a big bowl of water and washed all of my makeup off.

Now, I’m not someone who refuses to go out in public without makeup on; if I’m going to CVS or a close friend’s then screw it, I don’t care. But I actually had plans later that day, so I couldn’t run around bare faced! I have very dark and sunken in undereye circles, and I really needed something to cover them with. So I power-walked over to MAC and asked a sales associate there to just slap some concealer on me. I was matched to NW-20 in the Pro Longwear range, and *poof* I was back to normal!

I’m not a big MAC fan by any means; I think they have a few good products but I’ve never tried anything truly revolutionary from there. This concealer though, is an exception. It’s liquidy so it’s light-weight, but it’s so opaque! I’ve never had an issue with creasing either – I do always set my face with powder though. I’ve tried all kinds of concealers and correcters from the drugstore all the way up to Bobbi Brown. I kind of just accepted the fact that everything was either going to crease or be too see-through. This still doesn’t 100% cover for me, but I’m an extreme case; I imagine for you regular people that this would be perfect for those mornings where your eyes need a little pick-me-up. I am SO happy that I gave this a shot – it’s truly wonderful!

NARS Dual Intensity Palette


View outside

My house is¬†in the middle of a blizzard, making this the perfect time for a review! Today I’m talking about the newly released NARS Dual Intensity palette.



I apologize in advance for the swatches – I have no idea what I’m doing and my camera is old. The palette contains 8 shadows that can be used wet and dry, housed in a mirrored case. I personally think the packaging is really sleek and cool; the parts that suck are the finger prints and scratches it accumulates. A small synthetic brush is also included, which is solid since synthetic bristles work better with wet formulas. To be completely honest, I rarely use these shades wet because they’re so pigmented and blend-able when they’re dry.

The colors are listed from top row to bottom:

100_1338 Dry Swatches


Wet Swatches

Europa: A pink and peach satin duo-chrome. This is a fantastic base color or inner corner highlight since it has that extra something.

Himalia: A beige metallic shade. This is hands down my favorite shade of this palette! You could wear this alone all over the lid or easily smoke it out.

Ursa Major: A cool toned dark brown satin. This is the only shade in the palette that is not in the permanent range, and quite frankly I’m not crazy about it. It’s a fine shadow and it does what it’s supposed to, but I feel like I could easily find a cheaper dupe for this.

Subra: A blackened cranberry satin. This shade is so interesting! I love cranberry anything – drinks, food, clothes, scents, and shadows. I typically use this color in the outer v to create a multi-dimensional smokey eye.

100_1341 Dry Swatches


Wet Swatches

Andromeda: A white and pink satin duo-chrome. This is the brow bone highlight version of Europa; It has the same elements but just a different base color.

Lysithea: A straight-up silver metallic. It’s so¬†metallic, and should be a standard for going-out looks.

Giove: A black satin base with navy somehow mixed in there. Be warned, this is not just a run of the mill blue shadow! It’s gorgeous and would be killer as a liner or used to smoke out a look.

Sycorax: A satin black. Blacks can sometimes be boring, but because it’s a satin and so well made it just pulls a look together.


All in all, I think this palette is a great investment. The formula of these is incredible and the color payoff, dry or wet, is amazing. The blue and cranberry colors keep this from being another typical neutrals palette (even though I love those!), but it’s still wearable for an office environment. One thing: who the hell came up with these names?! Thank God I just have to type them out and not pronounce them…

The color selection leans more cool in my opinion, and the blue and dark cranberry colors are welcome additions in my book.