Self Tanners, Yah or Nah?

So I’m going out both Friday (today) and Saturday this weekend, which is huge for me. I’m more of a laying in bed or just hanging out type of gal, but one of my best friends and I had birthdays this week. And birthdays are something to be celebrated, no matter how badly I want to lay in bed!

For some odd reason I decided that yesterday was they day I really tried self-tanning, so I ran out and grabbed the St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse. I’ve heard really great things about this and it has pretty high reviews online, so why not?

Sadly I didn’t think about blogging my experience until just now (uuuuuugh), but I hope to make up for my lack of pictures with a very detailed description.

To begin with, this tanner is green-ish which will give a realistic olive glow. It pumps out like a normal mousse would, but once you touch it it’s much more liquidy and very spreadable. I do definitely recommend using a mitt to apply this to avoid lame streaks, but I suppose it’s not a necessity.  Another recommendation is to pump the product ONTO the mitt and not dot it on yourself. I somewhat made this mistake by doting it on my face so I wouldn’t get a ton of product on one area, however it kinda left a blob-like stain on my face. Luckily this product is amazing and the blob stain didn’t appear in the end result.

The actual application process was much easier than I thought it would be, with the product spreading evenly across my skin. It dries very fast and the scent isn’t overbearing. I don’t have a super sensitive nose so self-tanner scents never bother me, but this one was noticeably light. You’re supposed to leave it on for 4-8 hours before rinsing it all off, but I lazily left it on for about 11 hours – oops.

The end result was a pretty light tan, that’s perfect for winter in Chicago! One thing that worried me was going to bed pale and waking up 7 shades darker, and happily that is not the case. I have a realistic and light glow that wakes my complexion up a bit and not one bit of streaking.


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