Spring Break with No Plans + Warm Weather= Shopping

Yeah I just spent a ton on eye shadow last week but since I’m just staying home for spring break you bet i’m shopping my face off at Sephora and CVS. And I already have plans to go to Ulta. I’m only human dammit.

First of all, I promised some actual pictures of my last expensive haul when I got the Dior quint in Earth Reflections and the now-returned Yves Saint Laurent palette. I brought back the YSL one because for $55 it was really lacking in the pigmentation department, and the colors didn’t really suit me the way I thought they would. They were sparkly and GORGEOUS in the pans but when swatched (dry AND wet) I just thought they would be different. It’s such a bummer because I was really looking forward to purchasing that specific palette but not every eye shadow is going to be perfect! Still….R.I.P. beautiful YSL palette.

But here’s the Dior one I kept and it’s so wonderfully pigmented and creamy I am definitely going back to purchase more. Image


I’m still getting used to having a real beauty blog so my pictures might suck right now and I’m sorry! But I am so enamored with this little guy it’s sad. The two brown colors are pleasantly cool, and I love that since many palettes stick to warm browns. I love me some warm browns but I’m a cooler toned gal so these brown-leaning-taupe colors are a wonderful change of pace. The top left is a very pale gold that is great in the inner corner of the eye and the lower right is a white color that makes a fantastic highlight. The middle pink is tricky for me since I haven’t worn pink eye shadow since 7th grade basketball (yes, I was that person. No shame.). All of the shades are shimmery, which might bother some but I’m all for the shimmer and glitz.

On to what I traded my YSL palette (WAH!) for: the Kat Von D Saint palette! I was so impressed at how much more pigmented and soft these shadows were for $36 that this purchase was a no-brainer for me. Somehow between all of the other eye shadows I’ve collected I missed a couple of neutrals and this pleasantly fit the bill and I saved money! The packaging has a pretty gothic-cool vibe to it which really drew me in, since I love dark movies and music.


The colors of the palette start light and lead to a beautiful dark brown.


I previously complained about the pink color in the Dior palette since pinks can read a little juvenile to me, but the pink in this palette really jumped out at me. Which is crazy since it has glitter hunks in it, but for some odd reason this pink looks really fancy and luxurious! I’ll experiment with both and let you all know if I ever crack the code to my fear of pinks. Otherwise the middle gold color and the brown to the right of it are my favorites.

Next is a non-eye related item, which is surprising when you first look at it! I read a post from Brightestbulbinthebox.com about purple blushes a few months ago and it really got me thinking about how all blushes are pink. Seriously, think about it! Every blush is pink, different variations yes, but all ultimately pink. So I felt brave the other day and bought Make Up For Ever’s blush in no. 9, which looks like a Barney purple in the pan. My mom thought I was insane for buying this to use as a blush but it looks so heavenly (and not Barney-ish) when it’s actually applied. It clearly looks different than a typical pink blush but in a very natural way. My only complaint is it’s so dang tiny for being $21.


In the pan


Finally: a highlighter! I went to CVS to pick up a prescription and God forbid I leave anywhere without buying something I clearly don’t need. I grabbed the Fergie Center Stage Shimmer Palette in Rose Champagne Glow, which I’ve heard is similar to MAC’s Soft and Gentle. It’s not. It’s a frosty pink highlighter with champagne and orange colors strewn throughout, and it’s definitely very pretty. When I wear pink blushes I’ll add this on top of my cheeks and it adds a nice glow.


I’m going to keep trying to get nice swatch pictures for you guys so for now stick with me! I will update this in the next day or two once I figure out what time of day gives the best lighting.


2 thoughts on “Spring Break with No Plans + Warm Weather= Shopping

    • Colleen says:

      I really like it too! I’m excited for summer to come because I think it’ll look super pretty with a nice tan.

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